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Multifunctional antimicrobial agents

Substances of natural or synthetic origin, , that provide an activity on the microbiome of the skin, with the ability of controlling the development of selected microorganisms on the skin. By means of exclusive synergies we achieve a broadening and enhancement of their activity spectrum attaining an up-to-date prevention of microbiological contamination of cosmetic products.

Active substances

Natural ingredients for caring and protecting the skin with special focus on sensitive skin. Ingredients for preventing and relieving the skin against irritations caused by the sun, harmful substances and practices like shaving and the application of depilatories. Skin hydration and natural moisturisers. Ingredients for the prevention, defence and repair of premature skin aging. Ingredients for cellulite reduction and subcutis modulation.


Organic UV filters combined synergistically, easy to be used for providing an optimal photoprotection, photostable and broad spectrum, suitable to different skin types, applications and regulations. We provide ultimate solutions for the protection of the color and odor of cosmetics and fragrances against the harsh light radiations responsible of breaking down photo-sensitive chemical molecules.

Plant Extracts

Obtained by mild extraction techniques to ensure maximum content of active ingredients. Prepared in the form of water-soluble extracts as well as oils coming from mechanical cold pressing or by warm temperature percolation processes from leaves, flowers, roots or barks. We have a wide range of own crop and certified plants from organic farming and local agriculture.

Ingredients for hair

Range of natural origin product focusing the main issues in the hair care area: hair-loss, weakness, lack of volume, brightness, color and frizzing. Development of exclusive strategies for each type of product and treatment, to provide the originality and efficacy that the dynamism of this market requires.

Functional substances

Ingredients that contribute to improve the pace during the development of new cosmetic products, making easier to reach optimal results of stability, appearance and texture: non-ethoxylated O/W and W/O emulsifiers, with high performance, including formulations of high or very low viscosity and high oil content. Solubilizers for perfumes and non-alcoholic products. Waxy ingredients for solid perfumes.

How we work

UNIGOLDEN is inspired in a business model that guarantees proximity in its value chain, customer service and respect for the human values of the people who works and cooperates with us, keeping in mind the protection of the environment and nature throughout our full cycle of activity.

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