1,2-Alkane diols

UNIGOLDEN offers a wide range of multifunctional 1,2-alkanediols that allow the cosmetic formulator to choose the chain length that best can suit the product formulation depending on its characteristics and requirements. PENTIOL GREEN+ (Pentylene Glycol natural, manufactured by Minasolve) is surely the most interesting. PENTIOL GREEN+ is a multifunctional amphiphilic product of natural origin, Ecocert certified, with moisturizing, solubilizing and carrier of active substances, increasing their bioavailability and efficacy. PENTIOL GREEN+ is well known as well because of its antimicrobial effects, acting alone or in combination with other substances as a preservative enhancer for the preservation of cosmetic products.

SASKINE 50 (Ethylhexylglycerin, manufactured by Sachem) is an antimicrobial agent especially effective against gram-positive bacteria, is widely used in deodorant products for the skin. Due to its high antimicrobial activity, SASKINE 50 boosts the preservative effect in combination with other substances. In addition, it provides emollient and softening effects when applied to the skin. SASKINE 50 has an optimal dermatological compatibility, even in sensitive skin.

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