Specific hair care

ACTIHAIR VOLUMAX contains Mother Pearl extract (Nacre). Tested on human hair, contributes to increase the hair volume more than 23% compared to placebo.

HYDRAGOLD HAIR is a Natural Hydration Factor for hair, containing Blue Lotus Flower Extract (Nymphaea caerulea Sav.). Tested on Caucasian hair strands, provides a moisturizing effect over 45% compared to placebo.

ALPHAIMPROVE 4D HAIR, developed and produced by our Brazilian partner Citroleo, is a combination of an active ingredient (Alfa-Bisabolol) and plant oils of Brazilian origin (Babassú and Pracaxí) with a proven efficacy in 4 dimensions: repairs hair in depth, densifying the fibre in the cortex and on the cuticle (inside / outside), increases the brightness and luminosity of the hair, reduces both frizziness and excess of hair volume, improves its combability, and finally provides with thermal protection to the hair.

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